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Why take a ride with TOTAL TAXI?

Vienna has an exquisite public transport network. You can go from point A to point B comfortably by metro, streetcar, or bus, at any time and without any problems. But, if you need to go to the airport,  or from the airport to the city center, things get a little complicated. Wien-Schwechat airport is not situated within the city limits and it can be reached only by Vienna public transport lines. And this poses a problem for passengers, especially at night.

Datail from "Wien Schwechat" airport

Datail from “Wien Schwechat” airport

City Airport Train

City Airport Train, or CAT, is one of the most popular means of transport from Vienna to the airport. It starts at the railways station “Vienna Center” (“Wien Mitte“) and leads to the airport Schwechat every half an hour. City Airport Train is completely closed at night, and so is the fast train going from Vienna International Airport to Vienna. The bus lines from Vienna International Airport offer night rides in intervals of up to two hours, and they stop at several stations.

However, many passengers arrive only late at night, and others have to have their tickets checked in early in the morning. The most pleasant way to cover the distance between Vienna and Schwechat airport is the airport taxi service. A taxi can be booked at any time and for any destination, by placing a phone call or sending an email via the webpage. The airport taxi service also offers a comfortable transport to passengers in daytime. Passengers with a lot of luggage may find traveling by bus, metro, or streetcar often uncomfortable. The spacious cars of Total Taxi are a comfortable alternative. If you were accompanied on your flight by elderly people or children, a taxi ride will be quite a relief: there is no need to stopover or wait for another traffic connection, so traveling in this way saves one’s health and nerves.

Total Taxi cars

Total Taxi cars

For a ride provided by the airport taxi service TOTAL TAXI a lump sum is charged and depending on the bezirk from which you depart or to which you return, it may range between 25 and 31 euros. If there are three or more of you, this way of transport is less expensive than CAT, it doesn’t go via the train station, and there is also no luggage problem. And it is available at any time, from any bezirk. Does a regular taxi service offer such an accommodation?  Unlike regular taxis, here you don’t pay lump sums for the return drive. And this is without taking into consideration the fact that the lump sum we charge for the transport expenses is a cheaper option in itself.

Driving one’s own car to the airport?

That’s another possibility! This idea sounds inviting, but taking into consideration parking fees, financial speaking this is the least viable option. The fees at the airport parking garages go up to 185 euros per week. And that amount can cover your flight abroad and riding in a TOTAL TAXI cab.

First Total Taxi baby

At the end of August 2014 a very kind girl booked a drive for her boyfriend and her. They were supposed to go on vacation.
The driver first picked him up, and then  they together went to pick her up.
The girl sent a message to the Total Taxi team that she didn`t want to show up because she was very angry, since her boyfriend had gone out on a date with another girl the night before.
The driver  drove him home.
Everyone from the whole Total Taxi Team was very sorry, and they decided to go on in front of the girlfriend`s door.
After 3 hours of begging, she finally accepted to forgive him.
Today they have a little baby :)
Total taxi baby

Total taxi baby

*** Auf Deutsch ***
Heute haben wir ein TOTAL TAXI Baby

Ende August 2014. hat eine nette Dame eine Fahrt reserviert da Sie mit Ihrem Freund auf Urlaub fahren wollte.
Die Adresse das Freunden war die erste Adresse und und die zweite die von der nette Damen.
Am Tag der Fahrt holte unser Fahrer den Freund der Dame ab, Sie fuhren zu der Adresse der Dame um Sie abzuholen.
Die Dame hat unsere Total Taxi Team eine SMS geschrieben das Sie nicht herunter kommt da Sie wütend auf Ihre Freund ist.
Ihr Freund war vorige Nacht  mit uns anderen Damen unterwegs.
Unser Fahrer hat den Jungen Mann nach hause gefahren.
Unser Team (TOTAL TAXI TEAM) was sehr traurig und hat entschloss mit der netten Damen zu sprechen. Nach 3h disskusion hat Sie Ihm verziehen.
Heute haben wir ein TOTAL TAXI Baby.

2017 W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Review

Including its predecessors, the E-Class is one of the longest lasting, most successful and revered cars in the world. With almost every new generation it became more efficient, modern and advanced, pushing boundaries for the whole industry. The current W212 E-Class model, for example, received the most expensive facelift in history in 2014, which brought new, sleeker design, plethora of hi-tech and safety features and also removed some of the teething problems of the W212. However, Mercedes are known for not sleeping on their laurels, so the whole new E-Class should be presented within the next year. Let’s see what we can gather about it up to now.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2017

Mercedes Benz E Class

There have been several sightings of camoed E-Class on the streets as well as some leaked info. Design wise, it is understandably similar to the current S-Class, especially at the rear end. The two-bar grille gives a far more aggressive front fascia that complements the headlights which will get more LEDs for an even better performance aided by Adaptive LED Matrix Lightning which can switch between high and low beams, follow curves and change patterns in the city and at intersections. Continue reading

Neusiedl am See – Vienna weekend break with Total Taxi

If you are hedonist and near Vienna, there is one place you need to visit! Neusiedl am See is only half an hour far away from airport in Vienna, and only fifty minutes far away from the town center. There are no excuses for not visiting this interesting and worthwhile town.

Neusiedl am See

Neusiedl am See

One more reason to visit Neusiedl am See is Total Taxi exclusive offer. Total Taxi gives you an opportunity to visit this town on the lake for only €40,00. Hurry while offer lasts! The last day of this worthy bid is 31st November.

Thanks to Total Taxi you can windsurf, cycle, run, spend your weekend or simply enjoy in Neusiedl am See for little money. Continue reading

WindOBona (Indoor Skydiving) Flying is possible in Vienna

If you think flying is impossible, then read this text! Believe it or not, you can fly in Vienna with Wind-O-Bona. Your dream of flying can finally come true. It`s amazing how many fun opportunities people have nowadays.

What is Wind-O-Bona?

Wind-O-Bona is located in Vienna, Austria. It represents Wind tunnel that gives people the opportunity to fly safely and for fun, without worrying about possible accidents and dangerous situations. This is an entertaining new invention and tourist attraction.

Flying indoors

Indoor skydiving, source:windobona.at

Flying is indoors, in a glass chamber. Even though professional skydivers train in wind tunnels, you don`t have to be a skydiver with experience because Wind-O-Bona gives possibility of flying to everyone. Flying in Wind-O-Bona is also called bodyflying or indoor skydiving. Continue reading

Taxi from Vienna airport to Budapest – special price

Since September is time when the City Break Activities start, Total Taxi has prepared a special offer. We have lots of questions about Taxi from Vienna airport to Budapest, or if it is possible to book a taxi from Vienna Airport to some travel destination and point of interest in Budapest.

And every time our response is YES. From the airport in Vienna to Budapest ahead you run 2.5 hours , ie . about 250 kilometers.

Vienna Airport to Budapest by car

Vienna to Budapest by car

Continue reading

The Cheapest Shopping in Vienna: Outlet Parndorf (prices and advices)

When our clients order a Total Taxi ride, the most common question is where to find the cheapest shopping in Vienna. In this blog post, we try to explain in detail this popular tourist question.

Store in Outlet Parndorf

Store in Outlet Parndorf

There is hardly a citizen of Vienna and hardly a passer through this part of Austria that will miss the opportunity to drop by the Fashion Outlet Parndorf that is located around forty kilometers from the Australian capital, on the Vienna-Budapest motorway. Its one hundred and fifty shops with around 600 world brands, from those more affordable ones, like Mexx, Mango, Tom Tailor to Armani, Hugo Boss, Escada or Prada, are the reasons enough for, not only passers-by or Austrian citizens, but for numerous citizens of neighboring countries, as well, from Slovenia and Croatia to Serbia and Hungary, to come to this outlet by their cars or organized bus tours that have already become regular. Continue reading

What to eat and drink in Vienna?

If you are planning to visit Vienna you are surely asking yourself if there is anything that you must taste in the capital of Austria. Of course there is. There are not many cities that have their own cuisine like Vienna. Austrian cuisine is world famous, but there are many things which have made Viennese cuisine unique. We want to find out what to eat while you are in Vienna.

Austrian cuisine

Austrian cuisine (Wiener schnitzel)

Cooking tradition in Vienna has developed from many sources. In the beginning, Italians made the biggest influence, but in 18th century French cuisine became influential and contributed to what we today know as “Wiener Küche”. Later, many other national cuisines were included in Viennese cuisine, such as Bohemian, Hungarian, Southern Slavic, Polish and Jewish. All of them have contributed to many Vienna food and drink specialties which made the city even more popular for food tourism than Paris.

Before you continue with our list, check for a few minute video “Street Food Around The World – Vienna” bellow, Continue reading

The Fast and the Furious, called Furious 7

One of the biggest blockbusters this year is 7th part of popular franchise The Fast and the Furious, called Furious 7.  The Fast and the Furious is an US franchise including a series of action films. These films show illegal street racing and heists, and various other media portraying the characters and situations from the films. All movies are distributed by Universal Pictures. The series was established with the 2001 film titled The Fast and the Furious; followed by six sequels, and last one “Furious 7” become Universal’s biggest franchise of all time. Movie brought much more revenue than the invested funds to producers. Continue reading

Why Are There so Many Mercedes-Benz Taxis?

Honestly, in so many countries all over the world you can see that loads of taxi cars are Mercedes-Benz and most of them are E-Class. Now, the E-Class is not cheap to buy, its maintenance and spare parts are anything but cheap and it usually has a bit larger engine compared to sub-2 l competition so it is bound to consume more fuel.

Mercedes E class, Total Taxi fleet

Mercedes E-Class, Total Taxi fleet

However, engineering and marketing divisions from the Stuttgart company have brought some remarkable results.

It all starts with engineering…

We should all be familiar with the overengineering trend which was present in Mercedes-Benz and which culminated with the W123, W124 and W140 S-Class. These were, and, some would say, still are, the best engineered cars ever. The W123 was absolutely bulletproof in terms of reliability and that is what put the spotlight on Mercedes cars for taxi drivers. It was classy and built like a tank, it featured durable engines (there are examples of engines that run 1,000,000km +) and it provided outstanding luxury for anyone who could afford a simple taxi ride. Continue reading