1. TOTAL TAXI® has the pleasure to serve you and give you a professional, safe, fast and above all luxury taxi service!

2. You can give to TOTAL TAXI® your full confidence and we will satisy your every need in taxi service with absolute devotion to you.

3. TOTAL TAXI® has gined the trust of both domestic and foreign clients! Our priority is to satisfy you.

4. TOTAL TAXI®  provides taxi services with a fleet of latest models of luxury Mercedes E-Class. You have always been a synonym for quality. We respect that! Itshould stay that way!

5. TOTAL TAXI® drivers have many years of experience and we are proud of that!

6. TOTAL TAXI® Taxi offers taxi services such as TRANSFER TO AND FROM THE AIRPORT but we can also provide you:
    - Multi-day rental of the car with the driver
    - Vienna tour with the guide
    - Vienna tour without the guide, only with the driver
    - Tour in other cities with or without the guide

If you're interested in something that is not listed here, please be kind and contact us.

7. TOTAL TAXI® has ofcourse the most important advantage over others: INCREDIBLY LOW PRICES!!!!